Value Prop

1) Journey curriculum (social entrepreneurship incubator)
2) Journey learning management system and gamified edtech
3) Coaching, employment, and network benefits

A Social Entrepreneurship Incubator

A Social Entrepreneurship Incubator

Journey is an incubator and launchpad for startups that address social and environmental problems.

During the Journey program, entrepreneurs ideate, pitch, prototype, and launch their organizations driven by social missions.

What is social entrepreneurship

What is an incubator?

An organization designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services that could include curricular programming, physical space, capital, coaching, in-kind services, and networking connections

Journey is an entrepreneurship crash course and accelerator in your pocket - a practical business degree for a hundredth of the price.

that can be leveraged by teem entrepreneurs high schools and universities, small business owners, economic development initiatives, workforce development providers, and governments economic development , employeers

The Entrepreneurial Journey

An Overview of the Journey Experience

The Journey Program takes participants through the startup formation process: from zero, to concept, to validation, to launching your company and getting traction. Program participants develop entrepreneurial and designer mindset while working with their teams to create companies that solve real problems.

In schools, the Journey Program can be delivered across the span of an academic school year, or as more targeted modules, mini-courses, or after school programs.

Outside of schools, social entrepreneurship programming can be delivered more flexibly.

Phase 2


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Phase 3


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A Successful Case Study

The Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE)

The Journey curriculum was implemented in the summer of 2021, during Prep for Prep's Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE): a 5-week intensive program where high school students of color in New York City develop tech-enabled startups. Cambio Labs was proud to partner with Prep for Prep, Upperline Code, and Google to make this program happen.

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Journey Activates