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Train or encourage employees to train as a Cambio Coach that periodically mentors students and program participants throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

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Get More INfo About Coaching and Volunteering!
​Receive free training and volunteer your time as a Cambio Coach that will meet periodically with student teams as they develop and test their startup ideas.
What COACHES need to know

Teachers need no previous knowledge about business or entrepreneurship to instruct our course.

The Cambio Labs Social Entrepreneurship Program can be offered as an elective or after-school course.

Our team has designed a curriculum and easy-to-use teaching toolkits for instructors to deliver the course as an in-person, blended, or fully virtual program.  Our Social Entrepreneurship Program contains a variety of media and learning experiences, including live lectures, video case studies, slideshows, workshops and activities, fieldwork and site visits, and the usage of Journey - a gamified, innovation learning platform.

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