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Corporate partnership opportunities 

We want our students to build social capital, and to benefit from the mentorship, professional services, and future employment opportunities provided by our corporate partners. Engage your employees, give back to the community, and recruit interns and future employees from our pool of innovative young talent.

mentorship programs

Encourage employees to be trained as Cambio Coaches that periodically mentor students and program participants throughout their entrepreneurial journey

in-kind services

Donate platform credit, toolkits, software, and other useful in-kind services as perks and prizes that program participants can earn as they develop their social startups

internship programs

Invite nascent professionals and aspiring innovators to participate in internships where they can gain valuable industry experience and opportunities for their career

individual volunteer opportunities

We want our students to benefit from powerful mentorship relationships that have been proven to improve a young person’s academic engagement, personal growth, and social and economic opportunities. If you want to give back to the community, and help mold the next generation of change makers, consider volunteering your time, industry expertise, and professional services that will benefit student entrepreneurs and startup teams.


Volunteer your time during our programs to engage students as a guest speaker, interviewee, product tester, or judge during entrepreneurial pitching competitions.

Professional services

Offer your industry expertise, career advice, and services that will benefit startup teams that can claim services as “rewards” on our learning platform.

Mentorship Programs

Receive free training and volunteer your time as a Cambio Coach that will meet periodically with student teams as they develop and test their startup ideas.

our Partners & supporters
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