A Social Entrepreneurship Incubator


Journey students and participants will...

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Problem Solve

Identify and analyze social or environmental problems to solve

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Form teams, identify roles, and work together as a startup

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Use design thinking techniques to ideate & prototype a solution

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Use lean startup methodology to test products and companies with real world users and communities

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Pitch to panels of expert entrepreneurs, advocates, government representatives, and potential investors


An Innovation   Learning Platform

By using our Journey software, program participants can watch video lessons, engage in project-based challenges, collaborate with their startup team members, and submit their assignments online.

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Multi-Media Learning

Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Project Based Challenges

Community Engagement

Mentorship Matching

Internship Programs

Tools for Teachers & Facilitators

Student-Led Social Impact

Tools for Startup Teams

Global Social Network

Skills-Based Certifications

Gamified Rewards


The Entrepreneurial Journey

An Overview of the Journey Experience

The Journey Program takes participants through the startup formation process: from zero, to concept, to validation, to launching your company and getting traction. Program participants develop entrepreneurial and designer mindset while working with their teams to create companies that solve real problems.

In schools, the Journey Program can be delivered across the span of an academic school year, or as more targeted modules, mini-courses, or after school programs.

Outside of schools, social entrepreneurship programming can be delivered more flexibly.


Phase 1



Phase 2


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Phase 3


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A Successful Case Study

The Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE)

The Journey curriculum was implemented in the summer of 2021, during Prep for Prep's Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE): a 5-week intensive program where high school students of color in New York City develop tech-enabled startups. Cambio Labs was proud to partner with Prep for Prep, Upperline Code, and Google to make this program happen.

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Journey Activates 



More Value that Journey Delivers


Data that Matters

Ongoing feedback and competency-based assessments that track student progress


Journey participants develop...

21st Century Survival Skills

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Client 3

Hustle & Grit

Client 5

Agency & Voice

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Collaboration Skills

Client 1

Communication Skills

Client 7

An Orientation Towards Community

Client 6

Maker Mindset

Client 1

Empathy & Humility

Client 8

Leadership Skills

Client 2

Critical Thinking Skills

Client 8

A Sense of Purpose