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Social Entrepreneurial Programming

“I signed up for life to develop as an entrepreneur. I know I want to be an entrepreneur.”

-Leonardo L, Class of 2024

The Social Entrepreneurship Program is Cambio Lab's™ flagship course. It is a practical, hands-on program that pairs teen entrepreneurs with successful industry leaders. 

Throughout the program, students will be led through a real-world entrepreneurial process as they learn to ideate, pitch, and prototype their own products en route to forming their own organizations.

The Cambio Labs™ Social Entrepreneurship Program is not just a high school course, but an incubator for student-run, social start-up issues

Participants work with their teams to create companies that solve real-world problems. In the process, they will develop all the skills necessary to become dynamic, innovative thinkers -- communication, collaboration, pitching, brainstorming, and so much more.

The goal is for every student to leave this course with an entrepreneurial and designer mindset.

Most recently, 12 students at Comp Sci. High in the Bronx participated in the program. Over six weeks, they learned to brainstorm, pitch, prototype, and build a website.


Here are some of the issues explored by these young innovators:

  • Homeless and Poverty

  • Creating a clothing brand for women of color with diverse body types

  • Addressing inequity in public and charter schools 

  • Fighting human-caused climate change

What Participants Should Expect.png
Breakdown of 60 minute class.png


  • In addition to a trained course instructor, students are also exposed to coaching from industry professionals

  • Access to a variety of learning mediums, including video courses, in-person lectures, virtual whiteboards, and our gamified online learning platform, JOURNEY.

  • Want to learn more about JOURNEY?



  • Students will learn the importance of collaboration as they team up with 2-3 peers to co-found new organizations

  • Participate in interactive sessions with rich, targeted discussions

  • Discover new skills as you work outside your comfort zone

  • Embrace the iterative (and sometimes messy!) design and prototyping process

Benefits for Participants.png
Benefits for Participants.png


Teachers and learners need no previous knowledge about business or entrepreneurship to instruct or thrive in this course.

Our team has designed the curriculum with easy-to-use teaching toolkits for instructors to deliver the course as an in-person, blended, or fully virtual program. Our Social Entrepreneurship Program contains a variety of media and learning experiences, including live lectures, video case studies, slideshows, workshops and activities, fieldwork and site visits, and the usage of JOURNEY - a gamified, innovation learning platform.

The Social Entrepreneurship Program can be offered as an elective or after school course. 


  • Licensed curriculum & toolkits

  • Connections to industry partners + mentorship/internship programs

  • Training & onboarding for program instructors

  • Access to our JOURNEY online platform for up to 30 students and instructors

      (Recommended class size: 20 learners)

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