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Cambio Labs is a nonprofit that creates educational tech and curricular programs that transform students into social entrepreneurs, designers for impact, and community activists



A Social Entrepreneurship Incubator

Journey is an incubator and launchpad for startups that address social and environmental problems.

During the course, entrepreneurs ideate, pitch, prototype, and launch their own organizations driven by social missions. 


An Innovation Learning Platform

Video Lessons, Tools & Challenges for Startup Teams, and Gamified Rewards

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Access to the Journey platform includes:

  • Multi-media curriculum that's accessible for students

  • Mentorship and internship programs to support participants in their career development

  • Access to our virtual accelerator complete with video lessons, project management tools, and gamified rewards for users

 Equipping a person with entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century employment skills can change their lives forever, enabling them to access a whole new world of innovation, income earning potential, and job opportunities in the tech, STEM, and startup industries.

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Partner with us as

K12 Teachers and School Leaders

Social Innovation programs can be offered as elective or after school classes

Incubators and Accelerators

Seeking solutions for entrepreneurial program management

Workforce Development Initiatives

Upskilling and reskilling workers for a 21st century world and economy


That want to recruit from talented youth that will disrupt and diversify industries

Donors and Advocates

That want to support youth empowerment through entrepreneurship

Youth Innovators

That will invent solutions for wicked social and environmental problems


Student Testimonials


The course was good about providing students the opportunity to tackle real problems with little guidance and make something so ambitious seem more and more real.

I really liked the team work, advisor and mentor interaction, and the feeling of actually doing something relevant to my future.

Daniel N , Class of 2023

Watch a video or mini-lesson below


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