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Cambio Labs is a nonprofit that creates educational tech and curricular programs that transform students into social entrepreneurs, designers for impact, and community activists


Build your Own Social Startup

(The BOSS Program)

The BOSS program is not just a course, but an incubator and real world launchpad for student-run startups.

Students develop entrepreneurial mindset to ideate, pitch, prototype, and launch their own organizations driven by social missions. Young social entrepreneurs learn to develop strong teams and business models, empathy with customers and users, and a strategy for optimal sustainable impact.

Student entrepreneurs develop genuine empathy with customers and users, practice the techniques of rapid prototyping and experimentation, and learn from constant feedback by testing their social business ideas with real world users and community members as much as possible. 


Curricular Samples

Selected slides from the BOSS Program

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 11.30.45

Start your Entrepreneurial Journey

Journey: a gamified platform & virtual accelerator

Video Lessons, Challenges, Resources, Points and Rewards for Entrepreneurs and Startup Teams

Journey Prototype Image.png

Watch a video or mini-lesson below


Student Testimonials


The course was good about providing students the opportunity to tackle real problems with little guidance and make something so ambitious seem more and more real.

I really liked the team work, advisor and mentor interaction, and the feeling of actually doing something relevant to my future.

Daniel N , Class of 2023

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