Cambio Labs

Cambio Labs is a nonprofit that creates educational technology and curricular programs that transform students into social entrepreneurs, designers for impact, and community activists

What We Do

We unlock the power of human empathy, creativity, and innovation for social impact 

We empower all people to become change makers & successful 21st century global citizens 

We package social innovation education, and share it with the world as ...

School Programs

Curriculum, training, and technology for innovative educators & school leaders


Transformative learning experiences for youth & entrepreneurs all over the world

Digital Tools

Innovation networks, virtual startup accelerators & multimedia learning platforms 

What Does Social Innovation Mean to Us?

Developing creative and collaborative solutions for our world's most pressing social and environmental problems.


Long lasting and effective social innovation often occurs through the collaboration of businesses, nonprofits, and the government.

In the courses that we deliver, students learn to leverage the strategies of entrepreneurship, design thinking, and community organizing to have a sustainable social impact. 

Image by John Anvik

Partner with us as

K12 Teachers and School Leaders

Social Innovation programs can be offered as elective or after school classes

Incubators and Accelerators

Seeking solutions for entrepreneurial program management

Workforce Development Initiatives

Upskilling and reskilling workers for a 21st century world and economy


That want to recruit from talented youth that will disrupt and diversify industries

Donors and Advocates

That want to support youth empowerment through entrepreneurship

Youth Innovators

That will invent solutions for wicked social and environmental problems

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