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Social Entrepreneurship Program
Cambio Labs™ Flagship Course

During this 6-week practical, hands-on incubator program, students are taught by a trained course instructor and guided by successful industry professionals.

Students team up with 2-3 peers, learn to ideate, prototype, iterate, and pitch their products, while developing their communication and collaboration skills.

Students become comfortable with uncertainty and “failing forward”, adopting an entrepreneurial and designer mindset as they form their own organizations.

Students have access to a variety of learning mediums, including video courses, in-person lectures, virtual whiteboards, and our gamified online learning platform, Journey.

“I signed up for life to develop as an entrepreneur. I know I want to be an entrepreneur.”

-Leonardo L, Class of 2024

Benefits for Participants.png

Modes of Learning​

  • Collaboration and Frequent Teamwork

  • Interactive Discussions

  • Community Engagement and Interviewing Customers and Users

  • Creating Startup Assets for your Company

  • Completing Entrepreneurial Challenges 

  • Presentations & Pitching

  • Meeting Real Entrepreneurs that will Judge the Pitches

  • Coaching & Mentorship



12 students at Bronx’s Comp Sci High School immersed in this 6-week program, where they mastered brainstorming, pitching, prototyping, and building a website.


Check out the impactful issues tackled by these young innovators:

🏠 Homelessness and Poverty

👗 Crafting a clothing brand for women of color with diverse body types

📚 Addressing inequity in public and charter schools

🌍 Fighting human-caused climate change


Their journey is both inspiring and transformative!

​The Program Package for Schools

  • Training and onboarding for program instructors (*no prior business or entrepreneurship knowledge is required for teachers or learners to excel in this course)

  • Licensed curriculum & teaching toolkits for instructors to deliver the course as an in-person, blended, or fully virtual program

  • Includes a variety of media and learning experiences (e.g. live lectures, video case studies, slideshows, workshops and activities, fieldwork and site visits

  • Access to Journey, our online gamified, innovation learning platform for up to 30 students and instructors (recommended class size: 20 learners)

  • Connections to industry partners and mentorship/internship programs

  • Can be offered as an elective or after school course

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