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A New way of training and fostering innovation in your organization.
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We developed the Journey platform during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to develop a solution for remote learning that was engaging, multi-media, and still rooted in the best practices of project based and experiential learning.

As our team developed a gamified learning platform to run our social entrepreneurship program, we realized that our educational technology may be useful for other organizations that want to reinvent their educational, training, or workforce development programs.

Thus began a series of partnerships with a variety of organizations that wanted to digitize their learning experiences, or that wanted to upgrade their existing training platforms to leverage the best practices of curricular design, blended learning techniques, and gamification.

Cambio Labs is proud to now offer this software and revolutionary learning management system to the world, in the hopes that it may empower other educators, employers, and change makers to make scalable impact. 

Want to talk about customizing the Journey platform to meet your organization’s needs and growth objectives?

Get in touch.

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Multi-Media Learning
Project Based Challenges
Tools for Teachers & Facilitators
flexible learning solution
Tools for Teams
Global Social Network
Skills-Based Certifications
Gamified Rewards
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