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Cambio Labs™ creates educational technology and curricular programs that transform students into social entrepreneurs, designers for impact, and community activists.

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Learn How you can bring cambio to your students!
the Cambio Labs social entrepreneurship program is not just a high school course, but an incubator for student-run, social startups.

During the Cambio Labs Social Entrepreneurship Program, teen entrepreneurs will work with co-founders to ideate, pitch, prototype, and launch their own organizations driven by social and environmental missions.


Learners will develop entrepreneurial and designer mindsets while working with their teams to create companies that solve real problems. Students develop communication, collaboration, prototyping, creative brainstorming, pitching, and business management skills.

The Package for Schools Includes:
  • Licensed curriculum & toolkits

  • Connections to industry partners + mentorship/internship programs

  • Training & onboarding for teachers

  • Access to Online Platform for up to 30 students or teacher facilitators (Recommend class size: 20 learners per class)

Benefits for Participants

Stand Out

to colleges in your upcoming applications as you speak about the startup that you created in high school


with other entrepreneurial teens, community members you serve, and industry professionals 


business and project management skills that will undoubtedly help you secure a great job in the future


your own company that could potentially become a source of income for you and your teammates

What SCHOOLS need to know

Teachers and learners need no previous knowledge about business or entrepreneurship to instruct or thrive in this course.

The Cambio Labs Social Entrepreneurship Program can be offered as an elective or after-school course.

Our team has designed a curriculum and easy-to-use teaching toolkits for instructors to deliver the course as an in-person, blended, or fully virtual program.  Our Social Entrepreneurship Program contains a variety of media and learning experiences, including live lectures, video case studies, slideshows, workshops and activities, fieldwork and site visits, and the usage of Journey - a gamified, innovation learning platform.

The course was good about providing students the opportunity to tackle real problems with little guidance and make something so ambitious seem more and more real.

I really liked the team work, advisor and mentor interaction, and the feeling of actually doing something relevant to my future.

Daniel N , Class of 2023

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